March 16, 2021

Help Wanted!

The Smallest Cog Bike Shop in downtown St. Paul is looking to hire our first employees. The lead mechanic position has been filled and we are now looking to hire an apprentice mechanic. Duties will likely include bike building, brake and derailleur adjustments, parts installation, tube/tire changes, and accessory installation. Some familiarity with performing those tasks is helpful but not necessary. We will train you – to do it right!

Hours and days? We aren’t sure but you can likely expect 10-20 hours per week. That may increase as we get busier. Wages will start at $10 – 12/hour + whatever tips you receive. (And of course we’ll help you build out your dream bike.) Who should apply? Well, if you haven’t noticed, the biking industry has a diversity problem. The people who work on our side of the counter don’t look like the people who are riding. We want to do our part to change that so persons of color, women, and gender non-binary persons are encouraged to apply. We have created a family-friendly, respectful, safe work environment here.

We are looking to hire soon because our service queue is filling and our newborn twins aren’t allowing for much wrenching time.

Please email us at and put JOB APPLICATION in the email’s subject line. Please introduce yourself and note any experience you have working on bikes and any retail or service industry experience you might also have. More importantly: when it comes to working on bikes please tell us what skills you would like to learn.

Bottom line: you are going to learn a lot; you are going to have fun; you will meet fun and interesting people; and we will be good to you. We look forward to meeting you. This posting will stay up until the position is filled.

p.s. Don’t call the shop line; we’re still on parental leave. Because of that it may take a few days before we can respond to emails. And if you are an inquisitive person, then it may take even longer to get back to you.