Services and Policies


We want you to be happy with the services you receive and the products you purchase from us. By the time we ring up the sale we will have discussed the product and whether it will serve your needs. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out so here’s what happens:

  • We will pursue warranty claims on your behalf for any defective product purchased at our shop;
  • We will accept returns of product provided it is in its original packaging and it has not been used;
  • Clothing, helmets and special order items many not be returned for refund;
  • A 20% restocking fee will be applied to all returned bicycles; and
  • We will not accept any product or bike returns that show evidence of use or damage.


Our base rate is $75 per hour. We can usually swap a tire, tube or chain in 10 minutes. When you drop off your bike for service we will give you a ballpark estimate. Here’s what else:

  1. We will provide a no-charge service assessment of your bike;
  2. We will explain clearly what’s wrong with your bike and what we’re going to do to it;
  3. We won’t sell you service or parts that you don’t need;
  4. We will return your old parts or we will recycle/donate them at your request; and
  5. We will be nice and we will be fair.

What happens if we don’t fix your bike?

We are great mechanics but sometimes your bike needs a priest, not a doctor. What are we talking about? Usually it is the elusive creak that gives us trouble. The creak could be your bottom bracket, your pedals, your cleats, your saddle, your quick release, your chainring bolts, and so on. We will check those things using trial and error, and what we’ve learned over the years, to chase down the noise. Or it could be a microscopic crack in your carbon frame which is causing the noise. This process can take hours, and while we don’t have the heart to bill you $250 to tell you that your frame is broken, we do need some compensation for our time. If we spend more than an hour working on your bike, then we will charge you for an hour of time ($75). Surprising billing benefits no one, so we will tell you about the minimum charge policy when you drop off your bike.

Service Packages

$100 Tune Up (not including parts)
Does your bike spend long periods of time hanging on the wall of your garage, only to be occasionally interrupted by the Sunday ride? Then this is the tune up you want. We will clean everything that you see. We will make sure your bike is quiet. Specifically we will: Adjust your shifting and braking; Adjust your hubs; Adjust your headset; Clean that drivetrain (chain, crank, cassette, derailleurs); Inspect your frame and components for damage and wear.

$200 Tune Up (not including parts)
If you ride in all conditions and put on a lot of miles, then this is the one you want. All Basic tune up service plus:  Lubricate cables and housings; For electronic shifting: run diagnostics and update firmware; For hydraulic braking: check fluid levels; All bolts cleaned and properly torqued: All bearings – hubs, bottom bracket, and headset — cleaned and inspected; Front and rear derailleurs ultrasonically cleaned; Labor charge waived for new parts installation; and more.