The things we’re not carrying with us.

As we have mentioned, we are moving our shop to a new location. A new location means a new look for our sales floor and service area. No, we’re not going corporate; we’re just changing our aesthetic and maybe leaving behind some things that we no longer need. If you are interested in any of these please email us Pick-up must be at one of these times: late afternoon Wednesday (9/8), all day Thursday (9/9), and Friday morning (9/10).

Behind Door #1 in our Showcase Showdown we have this beautiful countertop! We scored it off Craigslist in early 2019. We got a set of kitchen cabinets from the Re:store and we built an exoskeleton of 2″x4″ around it to hold everything upright. The top has about a 1/2″ acrylic layer with some scuffs. We experimented with using polyurethane to cover scuffs and that worked well enough. This is perfect for a retail establishment or a she/he/they cave.

Price: $0. We will help you get it out the door and after that you are on your own. It will probably need to be dissembled to make it easier to haul. Warning: this thing is heavy and will require 2-4 people to move it.

Counter schematic

Additional dimensions: the top is 2-3″ thick and the assembly stands about 30″ tall when mounted to the cabinets

Counter frontal view

Photo of counter top showing wood pattern

The acrylic is so deep you might fall in!

Storage cabinets underneath the counter

The kitchen cabinets, Ikea cabinets (white) and supporting lumber are yours if you want them. (We prefer you take them.)

Behind Door #2 is this beautiful refrigerator/freezer! This thing had been in our kitchen. We moved it after I rendered the shop’s mini fridge inoperable. Side note: never use a screwdriver and hammer to chip ice from your freezer because you will puncture the refrigerant tubes.


Refrigerator and microwave are both avaialble.

Price: $0. There is a small leak condensate in the refrigerator. Just stick a bowl under it and empty it weekly. The applicant is clean, odor-free, and works. You have to haul it away yourself.

Behind Door #3 is an infant/toddler motorized swing. This thing is a life saver… if your charge actually enjoys it. (Neither of our girls were into it.)

Price: $0. This was a gift to us; now it is a gift to you.

<Not pictured>

Important conditions:

  • Items much be picked up Wednesday (9/8 after noon); Thursday (9/9 all day); and Friday (9/10 morning).
  • We don’t have the time to provide additional information beyond what is here.
  • We don’t have the ability to help you beyond the front door of our shop. You leave with it and we’re not taking it back if you change your mind.
  • These are free but if you feel like making a contribution towards our customers’ unpaid balances, then we accept cash, check, and credit card.
  • Email us if you are interested in any of the above. Thanks!

That title is with apologies to Tim O’Brien. He was writer-in-residence at Mankato State University when I was in graduate school. I didn’t read any of his books but I can recommend his recent interview on Fresh Air. He has some profound thoughts about becoming a father late in life, which he beautifully articulates.