Spring 2024 Newsletter

Back in the SaddleZwift screenshot of climb

This was supposed to be a monthly newsletter. I got one out in January and now it is April. Quarterly newsletter? Here’s my excuse: I have been riding. My new year began with a personal challenge to log at least 200 miles per month. I have met that goal, but at the expense of a few other things – newsletter writing being one of them. But enough about me.

The Goldilocks Biketoddlers on strider bikes

We are big believers in balance bikes. The only problem with them is that kids may outgrow them before they are ready to pedal. We tried 12” pedal bikes with the twins but the bikes were too tall. We don’t want to lose momentum, so what is a parent to do? Enter the 14” Strider balance bike which can be retrofitted with a pedal kit. It is big enough to be a balance bike, and low enough to have a good bike fit while a child learns to pedal. We have a couple incoming, and if they’re a hit, we will stock more. $220 (not including pedal kit)

MN E-Bike Rebate Update

‘What’s going on with the bike trail between St. Peter and Mankato?’ is the #1 question asked in our shop. A distant second is: ‘What’s this I hear about an e-bike rebate?’ I will answer the second question first: it is happening; watch our social media and newsletter for important links and deadlines; $1500 is the maximum rebate; and purchasers must pay sales tax on the full amount. Here’s a sample problem which includes eligible accessories:

$1799.95 Jamis Hudson Step Thru E-Bike
    $64.99 Lazer MIPS Helmet
    $89.99 Abus 85cm Folding Lock
    $54.95 Cygolight Head and Tailight

$2009.88 total
  $158.28 sales tax

$1500.00 state rebate

  $668.16 amount owed

For the latest updates go to

St. Peter’s Active Transportation Plan (HELP!)bike lane stencil to scale

Last year MnDOT asked communities to apply for help planning their active transportation networks. Saint Peter applied, we competed against communities across the state, and WE WON! So this spring, in earnest, we will begin to collect your feedback on what crossings, streets, and connections are important to you when walking, biking, rolling, and taking transit. Who is we? Well, I’m looking at you because we will be in need of help with lots of stuff so reply to this post if you are interested. The Smallest Cog is a part of this effort and I will make two promises: 1) we care about walking too so slowing traffic and making safer crossings will be part of this effort; and 2) because doing a demonstration project is part of our agreement with MnDOT, stuff will happen because of our work. Reply back to us if you are interested.

Bikes and Artflier for art show on april 28, 2024.

The one year anniversary of The Smallest Cog gallery is coming up, and to celebrate we are holding a juried exhibition. (I needed that explained to me.) On April 28, from 3-5 pm, we will display art that has been submitted to us in 8” x 8” format. Interested? Here are the rules: you already know the dimensions; all mediums are welcomed; a maximum of two submissions per artist; works must be ready to hang; and the deadline for submission is April 19, 2024. Reply to this post with questions, and please mention the Juried Art Show in the subject line.

Other Random Stuffcharing an ev

I gave the shop windows a spring cleaning. Lots of salt and lots of soot. It was cause to reflect on the many ways transportation impacts health; namely, the three thousand heavy commercial vehicles which traverse 169 daily, and the particulate matter they spew. That PM 2.5 matters and here’s why: https://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2024/02/air-pollution-life-cost-great-recession/677523/

We traded our Subaru for an EV. We recommend that all policymakers do this because it is the fastest way to understand the inadequacy of our charging infrastructure. Still, not going back. Look for a future blog on this topic.

That’s enough for now. Time to wash the dishes and walk the shop dog.