So Minn Active Transportation Summit

Bicycling and walking are resurgent thanks in no small part to disruptions caused by the pandemic. In response, cities and towns quickly innovated to create new infrastructure. With more and better places to bike and walk, more people were drawn to the streets, sidewalks and trails. The first annual Southern Minnesota Active Transportation Summit will examine how to respond to this renewed demand, while looking forward to ensure that we don’t return to our sedentary ways once the masks come off and we all go back to the movies.

Please join us on Friday, September 29, 2023, in North Mankato for this one day summit. The morning programming will ground us by examining demographic trends for our region and those ramifications for what amenities our changing population expects. Then having answered the Who is this for? question our second panel will delve into the Why? For that discussion we will feature panelists who have successfully tapped into the demand for bike tourism, walkable commercial streets and residential neighborhoods, and sustainable regional mobility.

For lunch we’ll go Dutch. Going to leave you guessing on that one.

Our afternoon will be spent in technical workshops. Topics will include: Safe Routes to School, Complete Streets policy and implementation; traffic calming; bicycle facility design; accessing funding; and introduction to Placemaking. Workshops will focus on implementation and lessons learned.

Day two (Saturday, September 30) will include optional tours in the Mankato area of bike facilities, public art, and walkable community design.

All are welcome. Space is limited. Some/most/all content will be eligible for professional development credits (pending approval). The full program will be made available mid summer. Registration will open approximately at that same time. There will be a modest cost to register. For those experiencing financial hardship there will be opportunities to earn a registration.

Sponsorship, program, media, and registration inquires should contact Mark Plotz at